General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): All American Hunter call center manager
Series Information
Portrayer: Diedrich Bader

Charlie Davies is the manager of the All American Hunter call center and one of Todd's friends.

Description Edit

Charlie is a very passionate hunter, and applies it to his everyday life, which unnerves the people around him quite often. Charlie is clueless when it comes to women. Charlie thinks that Tonya is playing hard to get with him, when in truth, she is dating Todd. Charlie also thinks that a woman in California is trying to "rope him in", when she actually married another woman and the adoptive parent of a child. Charlie is the only other American that Todd knows in India. Charlie has revealed to Manmeet and Gupta that his real name is not Charlie, and that a prank that his fraternity played in college ended in serious consequences, and he is not in India by choice.

Trivia Edit

  • Charlie doesn't like Indian food so he ships American food in from home. On Todd's first day he advised him not to eat a specific food, asking "Do you hate your own ass?"
  • Charlie likes buffalo hunting back in the states.
  • Charlie is one of only three people in the show with last names mentioned, those being him, Todd and Rajiv.