The Measure of a Manmeet
Season 1 Episode 1
Original Airdate September 23, 2010
Written By George Wing & John Jeffcoat
Directed By Ken Kwapis

The Pilot is the first episode in the 1st Season of NBC's television show Outsourced. This episode first aired Thursday September 23, 2010.

Synopsis Edit

A young manager deals with culture clash in a very personal way when he's transferred to India to manage a call center.

Plot Edit

The episode starts as Todd Dempsy (Ben Rappaport), a young worker who just completed the manager training course, comes into a Mid-American Novelties call center. When he asks the CEO of the company what happened, he says they've all been outsourced to a call center in India, and the CEO says Dempsy has to work there or he's out of a job. There, he meets his assistant manager, Rajiv Gidwani, who a person eager to take Todd's position. He meets one soft-spoken employee, Madhuri, one casa-nova, Asha, one out-spoken employee, Gupta, and many, many others.

He learns that he has to teach them about American culture, because they obviously don't know what a cheese head or fake barf is. Todd also tells them the importance of selling add-ons, which is a struggle for Madhuri. In the middle of the episode it is revealed that Madhuri wasn't supposed to be hired in the first place. Rajiv hurriedly tries to fire her but Todd gives her a chance. After encouragement from her fellow employees, Madhuri manages her first sale, even suggesting the client should buy another product of theirs.


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