Rajiv Gidwani
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Occupation(s): Assistant Manager
Series Information
Portrayer: Rizwan Manji

Rajiv Gidwani is the Mid-American Novelties call center assistant manager (promoted to full manager rank in the episode Guess Who's Coming To Delhi). He has his eyes on Todd's job, whether it's by his success and promotion or his failure and deportation - Rajiv looks at it as a win win situation. Todd seems a little curious of Rajiv's behavior and ultimate goal, but other than that, Todd is oblivious to Rajiv's desire for his job.


Rajiv tends to not try and befriend the workers, seeing himself as superior to them. He is well organized, hard working, but does not do much for entertainment. Rajiv has shown to have a softer side to him, having helped Madhuri once before when she needed a place to sleep. When Rajiv is at his utmost happiest, it seems he can repress his dislike for the workers, as seen at his wedding.

Ultimate goalEdit

Rajiv wanted to marry Vimi, but Vimi's father would not agree, as Rajiv was not a successful manager, and had even lied to him about his job. Todd helped him to not give up on Vimi - Rajiv stood up to Vimi's father and begged him for another chance. Vimi's father did not accept, but Vimi didn't care, and still wanted to marry Rajiv. He promised that one day he would become manager and provide for her, after getting rid of the "that fool Todd". He suceeded to become the manager after Jerry promoted Rajiv to be a manager in the episode of "Guess Who Coming to Delhi", also promoting Todd to Executive Manager.

In the season finale, Rajiv Ties the Baraat (Part 2), Rajiv finally married Vimi.