Todd Dempsy
Todd Dempsy
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation(s): Call Center Manager
Series Information
Portrayer: Ben Rappaport

Todd Dempsy is a typical American call center salesman and a Kansas City native. Todd was the top salesman at his company; Mid-American Novelties. Upon completeing his management training, Todd is told by his boss, Jerry, that the company has been reduced to "the right size" and the company is being outsourced to India. Todd initially refuses to go, but Jerry reminds him he owes quite a lot of money in student loans. Todd goes to Mumbai, India to run the Mid-America Novelties and experiences massive culture shock. Todd often demonstrates his lack of knowledge about Indian culture, but luckily his employees usually try to help him understand their country and culture. Todd is facing growing pressure from his family (especially his overbearing and disappointed father) to come back home to Kansas City.


Todd is an easy-going, all-around good guy. Todd has shown himself to always be willing to help out his new Indian, American and Australian friends.


Todd is in love with Asha, a customer service representative who works for him. Todd kissed Asha, but unfortunately for him, Asha's family wishes for her to have a traditional arranged marriage. When Asha was going over the resumes of her potential husbands, Todd submitted a form that gave his personality under the name of Pradeep. Todd is currently dating Tonya, the Australian woman who runs the call center for Koala Airlines. Todd officially gets into a relationship with Tonya in the episode Home for the Diwalidays, although he doesn't really let go of his feelings for Asha.